Friday, January 22, 2010

Howard Rheingold blogs about his rectum and talks about Collaborative Work

When I read today, that one of my all time favourite teachers
Howard Rheingold has been diagnosed with cancer (a squamous cell carcinoma of the rectum, to be more precisie), it made me sad - yet I am sure that his positive energy and the early diagnosis will contribute to a good outcome. Being an excellent user of social technology, Howard has written about his diagnosis and started a blog about his way to therapy: In his witty trademark humour he asks in his blog: Why is Howard's Butt blogging?

I am not sure if I had the courage to be that public about such a personal matter - but I am glad that he once again proves that he does not only talk about collaborative and social technology but that Howard PROVES social media to be a great accomplishment.

So good luck to you Howard! I can honestly say that your work keeps on inspiring me. I am cheering for you.

And it reminded me to finally post the interview that I conducted with Howard in November at the great coference The Internet as Playground and Factory. I talked with Howard about the future of work and the changing places of labour and leisure.

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