Monday, November 27, 2006

Where to go with this?

Well, I have to admit I am not the most enthusiastic blogger - like so many others I take the current hype around online expression with at least 3 grains of salt. I think that we should not always share everything with anyone. Blogs are, after all, more time in front of a screen and an easy field for narcissism. I do not need more of that in my life...yet the possibility to express instant thoughts is too promising to NOT give it a try. The reason why I set up this blog, is because I want to share information and thoughts with friends, to post my music and to express some ideas on media, culture and blogging. I have to figure out how far I want to go with this, what information, personal stuff and impressions I want to share.

I see this blog as an experiment for me - I do not have a website, so this blog is my online-metauniverse, mainly intended for others to stay in touch with me and for me to stay in touch with (or run away from) myself. And of course I want to comment, muse and rant on things that make my day. Does this make me a blogger? We'll see...

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